Supplier of Specialty Gases to the Northern Illinois Pharmaceuticals Industry

Pharmaceuticals production, product storage, and R&D in Northern Illinois necessitate the most exacting purity and control. Research makes heavy use of gas chromatographs, liquid chromatographs, UV/VIS spectrometers, and NR spectrometers. Such instruments  have to have a constant provision of highly precise pure gases and gas mixes. What’s more, manufactured products are produced using USP-grade gases and preserved with liquid nitrogen in cryogenic freezers.

Weldstar makes PurityPlus® specialty gases, a broad line of standard and customized pure and mixed gases in a number of different packages to address your application-specific needs. Beyond that, we make a full line of high-purity regulators and gas control devices that accommodate considerably harsh standards of pressure control. We have been engaged in the supply of this selection of gases to the pharmaceuticals industry for some time now, and our local gas manufacturing and packaging can assure you that run-outs and emergency deliveries won’t trouble you again.

Among the broad selection of gases we offer are:

  • Hydrogen 5.0
  • Hydrogen 4.5
  • Oxygen/Nitrogen certified mixes
  • Nitrogen 5.0
  • Helium 5.0
  • Argon 5.0
  • Liquid Helium
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Carbon Monoxide UHP
  • Atomic Absorption Acetylene
  • Hydrogen Chloride
  • NF-grade Nitrogen
  • Laser Grade CO2
  • USP-grade Nitrogen
  • USP-grade Oxygen
  • USP-grade CO2

Call Weldstar at 855-998-4875 or contact us online today to get further details on the wide array of products and services we have for the Northern Illinois pharmaceuticals industry.