Sulfur Dioxide Supplier to Northern Illinois

Weldstar Specialty Gases is a valued supplier of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) to many enterprises throughout Northern Illinois.

Sulphur Dioxide is a colorless, irritating, nonflammable, lethal, liquefied gas transported under its own vapor pressure in cylinders, ton containers, or small (1,000–5,000 gallon) tanks. Sulfur dioxide is created in nature, most obviously as a result of volcanic occurrences, when hydrocarbons containing sulfur ignite in the atmosphere. Commercial production is almost unfailingly as a byproduct of other manufacturing, the technique for producing it being a function of demand for other products. A frequent source of sulfur dioxide has been the production of calcium silicate cement from calcium sulfate and coke.

Undoubtedly the most significant use of sulfur dioxide is in petroleum refining. Through the Claus Process, petroleum refiners produce elemental sulfur and water by adding sulfur dioxide to hydrocarbons containing hydrogen sulfide.

Ever since wine production was first documented by the ancient Romans, sulfur dioxide has been employed extensively to minimize the oxidation of fermenting spirits. The largest use of packaged sulfur dioxide remains as a preservative applied in the process of making wine. SO2 is equally sought as preservative for dried fruits; it enables fruits to keep their color and thwarts the excessive growth of microorganisms.

At one time, before the synthesis and commercialization of chlorofluorocarbons in the 1930’s, sulfur dioxide, along with ammonia and methyl chloride, found extensive use in mechanical refrigeration.

Anymore, SO2 is used also generate part-per-million-level calibration gas mixtures for the petrochemical industry and environmental emission monitoring.

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