Northern Illinois Specialty Gas Equipment Spotlight: Gas Purifiers


It’s certainly no secret that our stock in trade at Weldstar Specialty Gases is supplying specialty gases for commercial, industrial, medical, scientific, and agricultural use. But customers are well aware they also can depend on us for the equipment needed to ship, store, check on, and employ those gases safely. One such kind of equipment they appreciate is our line of gas purifiers.

The Northern Illinois semiconductor industry especially calls on us for point-of-use gas purifiers that eliminate impurities down to part-per-trillion (pptV) levels. This measure of purity is critical for producing not only semiconductors but also [[various display, LED, and solar products.

Specifically, we provide …

  • high-pressure gas purifiers, these versions built for use in all types of laboratory and industrial circumstances where oil or water must be kept out of a gas to increase its usefulness and avert equipment shutdown.
  • gas purifiers that, while much like our high-pressure models, are made to take care of higher capacities at a lower working pressure.
Note that these two kinds of purifiers need to be used with specially engineered replaceable cartridges containing one of various adsorbents. As determined by the cartridge/adsorbent needed, these purifiers can exclude more than just oil and water from industrial process gases; they can also exclude water from inert gases and saturated hydrocarbons, exclude a variety of particulates, and exclude water from unsaturated hydrocarbons – acetylene, for example.
  • a series of gas purifiers specifically made to eliminate up to 1% of oxygen from a hydrogen stream down to a level below 1 ppm. They do this by catalytic action. Provided the catalytic materials aren’t corrupted (especially by sulfur and halogens), they’ll function indefinitely without requiring regeneration.

If you want  dependable gas purifiers for your Northern Illinois operation, consult with Weldstar Specialty Gases, your local PurityPlus® specialty gas supplier today. Remember: specialty gases aren’t our only specialty!